How to have a conversation about mental health

By: Shauna Smith  When talking about mental health as both the sufferer and the loved one, it can be an intimidating topic to approach but nonetheless an important one that is necessary to the healing of all parties involved. For those struggling to understand, these are some helpful ways to approach the conversation. Break the […]

Covid doesn’t end after recovery

By: Shauna Smith Since the beginning of this mysterious virus, we as citizens have forced ourselves to learn how to cope and come to terms with the fact that life as we know it has completely changed. We have seen Covid-19 consume our media, our dinner conversations, and our social media feeds. We often struggle […]

Improving mental health In the new normal

By: Shauna Smith In recent years, support for mental health and mental health resources have increased gradually. We as a society are long past the outdated ways of shock therapy and are instead more focused on natural remedies that improve the wellbeing of others. With Covid-19, these practices are essential in order to maintain the […]