Improving mental health In the new normal

By: Shauna Smith

In recent years, support for mental health and mental health resources have increased gradually. We as a society are long past the outdated ways of shock therapy and are instead more focused on natural remedies that improve the wellbeing of others. With Covid-19, these practices are essential in order to maintain the balance of everyday life. Poor mental health impacts relationships, physical health, performance in work and school, and makes it hard to complete the simplest tasks. Due to this, it is imperative you take a moment and follow these simple practices to change your mindset.

Spend less time with the screens (This does not mean be uninformed) 

Watching the news all day and everyday is extremely unsettling and can dramatically decrease your mood. While it is important to know what is going on in the world around you, it should never consume you. Any type of cognitive overload is disheartening whether it is television, social media, or cramming too hard before a test. Stay connected and present! (This would be a great time to try something you have always wanted to do!)

Stay as physically healthy as you can

If you are anything like me and you don’t like to sleep, this can be a tough one. However, sleep and a good diet is vital to strong physical health. Incorporating daily exercise into your routine even for a short period of time per day Is life changing in improving your physical health and your overall mood. Following a ten minute yoga flow before work or going for daily walks, is a great start to increase your endurance to physical activity. 

Stay connected!

Like many of us who have loved ones that we cannot see, it is so important to stay emotionally connected even if you cannot be physically connected, utilize apps such as, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime! For those in businesses, it would be helpful to find online networking events and collaborate with other groups in your occupation. For students, this would be a great time to get involved with online internships and seminars. 

Stop the spread of false information

While it can be extremely alarming to see the headlines of articles and may be tempting to share with others, please be aware of who is writing the article and how credible the source is. The spread of false news can worsen the improvement towards a cure and can greatly discourage those coping with the effects of the virus. We all want this to be over and need info with reliability only. 

Remember in this hard time to spread love, empathy, and kindness. While it is important to care for others, please make yourself a priority and find things to implement in your life that your mind and body will thank you for.